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Presentation by Mr M. Van Welie at the 10th International Lessons Learned Conference (10ILLC) dated 17 May 19


Leadership in Crisis & Complex Operations – Leveraging the NZDF deployments to Vanuatu, Fiji and Kaikoura I will discuss the role an NZDF planner with reference to my role in the Deployable HQ. I will provide an outline of the NZDF response infrastructure, focused largely on my experience at the operational level and highlight NZDF strengths in responding to such events. This will showcase the capacity the NZDF brings for the planning and execution of humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations. I will examine the varied approaches of the local governments in each of those disasters and how that shaped our own response. In doing so I will raise awareness of the civ-mil operations centre and how a military integrates with partner agencies. The discussion will identify some of the challenges in employing NZDF assets and how their deployment impacts other contingencies and outputs. This is in order to reinforce the importance of early transition planning and re-establishing local governance, commercial, state and NGO co-ordination. Discussion of early transition will then emphasise the importance of the inter-agency relationship in ensuring the seamless delivery of humanitarian support. Lastly, I will cover cultural differences and considerations along with my own personal reflections. References will include our own Handbook on HADR operations and the UNOCHA Civ-Mil Guide for the Military.