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CLC20 Agenda

Five panels and two pre-recorded presentations will provide the content for the conference. The panels will consist of several speakers followed by a question and answer (Q&A) period using SLiDO. The recorded video presentations from the ABCANZ nations will not have a Q&A session.

Panel 1 – Scene Setter

Panel 2 – Support to COVID-19

Panel 3 – Protecting the Force and Protecting the Mission

Panel 4 – International Engagements

  Panel 5 – Training Continuum


Ser Time Activity Speaker/Lead Description
1 0830 – 0845 Opening Address AWC/LCC House and Grounds (AWC)

Welcome and Opening Address (LCC)

2 0845 – 0900 Panel 1: Historical scene-setter JSG Scene-setter; historical experiences or case studies of pandemics with experiences and lessons derived from these events.
3 0900 – 1000 Panel 2: Support to COVID-19. DJIATF


Lessons at the Joint and inter-service (DJIATF, ACC, MCC) (12-min each)

Planning considerations at the All of Government level (AGS) (12 min)

Questions and Answers Session (12-min)

4 1000 – 1015 Morning Tea Conference Centre
5 1015 – 1115 Panel 3: Protecting the Force and Protecting the Mission. 1 (NZ) Bde How 1 (NZ) Bde enhances resilience and continuity to successfully deliver against planned operations and contingencies during a pandemic (45 min)

Questions and Answers Session (15-min)

6 1115 – 1200 ABCANZ Lessons Recorded videos Canada



Lessons brief from the Commander, Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) 15-min

Lessons brief from the British Army Lessons Exploitation Centre (LXC) 15 min

Lessons brief from the Australian Army Centre of Army Lessons (CAL) 15-min

7 1200 – 1230 Lunch Conference Centre
8 1230 – 1300 Panel 4 : International Engagements USFK


Lessons from the South Korean approach to COVID-19 (15-min)

Lessons from the US approach to COVID-19 (15-min)

Lessons from the Canadian approach to COVID-19 (15 min)

9 1300 – 1400 Panel 5 : TRADOC (NZ) TAD/ACS/CTC


Tensions and lessons from incorporating GONZ / NZDF direction into both ab initio and pre-deployment training. (15min)

How TRADOC conducted post lockdown planning including impacts of careers, course prioritisation and schedules (15min)

Q&A Session – 15 min

10 1400 – 1415 Afternoon Tea Conference Centre
11 1415 – 1515 Lessons Review LCC Lead Review lessons and identify CoA implementation.

AWC record details

12 1515 – 1530 Closing Address LCC Closing Address

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