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Motivations and Identity

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FGOFF Lenee Jefferies

Lenee Jefferies enlisted into the RNZAF in early 2020, graduating as a Flying Officer in July 2020. She is currently a Research Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and at the end of 2020 she will begin her supervision to registration programme to become a registered Psychologist. Lenee has completed most of her studies at Massey University, which included a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Defence Studies), a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Psychology), and a Master of Arts (Psychology). Following the completion of her research report titled “Why Women Join the Military: Exploring what Motivates Women to Join the New Zealand Defence Force”, and prior to her enlistment into the RNZAF, Lenee also spent time working as a research assistant for the New Zealand Army.

Why are Women Motivated to Join the Military?
Flying Officer Jefferies will provide a summary of her Masters research project which explored the motivations of women enlisting into the NZDF, and specifically into combat trades of the NZ Army.

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Why are Women Motivated to Join the Military? Presentation

DR Ellen Nelson

Dr Ellen Nelson (nee Ford) served in the NZ Army for 10 years, from 2003  to 2013. She conducted her officer training at ADFA and RMC, then served at 2 Engineer Regiment, primarily as the Construction Troop Commander at 25ESS. Ellen spent much of her service overseas, including deployments to Afghanistan, across the Pacific, and Antarctica, as well as exchange tours in Australia and the UK. Since leaving the NZ Army in 2013, she has managed staff and projects at a large logistics organisation, PTS Logistics, and has spent the last 5 years working as a consultant with NZ exporting businesses at NZ Trade & Enterprise. In parallel, Ellen completed her executive MBA in 2013 and her PhD, which focused on the social well-being of women officers in the NZ Army, in 2019. Ellen is married with two young boys (3 years and 5 weeks old).

The Social Well-being of Women Officers who have left the NZ Army
DR Nelson will discuss the findings of her PhD study which sought to understand the social wellbeing of women officers serving in the NZ Army and how this may have impacted on their retention.

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Dr Ellen Nelsons Presentation

Flight Lieutenant Mark Mieremet

FLTLT Mark Mieremet enlisted into the RNZAF as a Medic in 2015, after being employed in the civilian mental health sector where he primarily worked with youth in residential care. In 2018  Mark commissioned and began his training towards registration as a Psychologist. Mark completed his registration in July 2020 and is currently based in Woodbourne as the Base Psychologist.

The Lived Experience of Transgender NZDF Personnel
Flight Lieutenant Mieremet will present key findings of his research which explored the ways in which transgender personnel manage their gender identity within the NZDF.

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Kiri Stevens

Dr Beth Greener

Kiri Stevens

Kiri Stevens is a Senior Policy Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where she works on Pacific climate change and environment issues. She has a Master of Development Studies from Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University (2012) and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Otago (2005).

DR Beth Greener

Associate Professor Beth Greener’s research interests lie in the field of international security. She has published books and articles on a range of issues such as international policing, peacebuilding in the Pacific, New Zealand foreign policy, police and military roles in peace and stability operations, human trafficking, and how liberal democracies seek to provide for security. Current research interests include the role of private security actors and the relationship between gender and security issues. Beth has delivered lectures on international relations topics to various courses at NZDF Command and Staff College since 2003, has been actively involved with international bodies such as the UN Police Division and the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, and regularly engages in Track II diplomacy around the region.

Kiri Stevens & DR Bethan Greener: Masculinities in Military Contexts
DR Beth Greener will present research findings based on Kiri Steven’s Masters degree research which explored the construction and employment of military masculinity within a peacekeeping setting.

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