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The Chief of Army Writing Competition is open to all NZDF personnel, military and civilian, regardless of rank. The writing competition provides an opportunity for personal and professional development, to share thoughts, opinions, and professional perspectives so that all may benefit and the organisation may grow.

The writing competition has four submission categories: Officer, Warrant Officer/NCO, Private Soldier, and Civilian. The winners of the competition in each category are selected by the Chief of Army and announced at the beginning of December 2021. The winning submissions are published on KEA and receive special recognition. All submissions will get individually published on KEA in the future after the competition closes and the winners are announced.

The Chief of Army Writing Competition 21.2 has four questions for participants to choose from. Participants must choose ONE question. The questions focus specifically on the Chief of Army Seminar 2021 (CASEM21) that ran on KEA throughout the month of September 2021. The CASEM21 webpage is still available for viewing on KEA. The intent of having multiple questions associated with CASEM21 is to allow submissions to further explore specific topics and present thoughts, discussions, and opinions about where the NZ Army is headed in the future. The Chief of Army’s Writing Competition and KEA allow for a positive and open exchange of ideas and further explores the future of the NZ Army.

Written entries must be submitted by midnight on 3 November 2021 to be eligible. They must follow the submissions guidelines for KEA, be 2000 words or less, and answer ONE of the competition questions listed below. Answering the competition question in 2000 words or less will require authors to be selective in their topics and to precisely argue a perspective in their written work.  Submit An Article on KEA by clicking on the Submissions tab at the top of the page.



Competition Questions (Select ONE Question Only)

Question 1. What balance of effort/resources should the NZ Army adopt between operating regionally and being able to contribute to multinational operations globally?

Question 2. What Information Warfare capabilities does the NZ Army require in the future?

Question 3. What capabilities should the NZ Army invest in for the next generation of manoeuvre?

Question 4. What capabilities should the NZ Army invest in for the next generation of offensive support?