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Presentation by Ms L-M Jackson at the 10th International Lessons Learned Conference (10ILLC) dated 16 May 17.

Working in an Interagency Environment: “Lessons Management – from individual learning to learning as one” – Emergency Management in Victoria has commenced a journey of learning and improvement as a sector bringing together departments, agencies, organisations and community to establish a common approach for lessons management. In November 2015, after 12 months of extensive stakeholder engagement, the Victoria’s first emergency management lessons management framework (EM-LEARN) was approved for discussion and released to the sector. The framework establishes cultural characteristics and a model for lessons management and is being implemented in collaboration with the State Review Team (SRT). The SRT has representatives from 16 agencies and is the overarching leadership group that provides guidance and coordination for review, debrief, monitoring, lessons management activities and performance improvement across the emergency management sector for all hazards. The SRT’s primary objective is to share knowledge and promote consistent sector wide continuous improvement in a coordinated and effective manner. Implementation of the framework, together with the SRT, has been focused on five key project areas including governance, communication, process, training and technology. The success of this implementation relies on a strong lessons culture, and EMV has been focused on embedding this within the sector using innovative practices, with elements of just/fair, leadership, accountability, communication and being learning focused. This journey is allowing the Victorian emergency management sector to build a central source of information and a consistent approach to support behaviour change, future service delivery planning and thus improve our performance in providing public value to the community.