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Presented by Mr T. Brown at the 10th International Lessons Learned Conference (10ILLC) dated Tue 17 May 17

Leadership in Crisis & Complex Operations -The NZFS is a national organisation with a mandate to respond to a range of emergency incidents, including fires, hazardous substance emergency’s, motor vehicle accidents, building collapse, rescues and medical incidence. To ensure there is a learning culture in the organisation the NZFS has establish a unit (Operational Efficiency and readiness) to ensure independent audit of operational readiness and to review major incidents as well as incidents deemed serious and unusual incidents. Operational Efficiency have developed a process to both review incidents and to ensure the lessons are learned. The approach involves instigating a forma operational review the sponsor. The review results in a formal report to the Fire Region Manager as the sponsor developed by a group of senior operational managers called the Operational Leadership Team. The corrective actions for any review are identified and the solutions are developedby this group. The reports are posted on the NZFS intranet site so all fire fighters can read them – the site is regularly accessed and feedback indicates a positive appreciation. But the presentation this synopsis identifies involves how the NZFS has developed a process to turn operational review reports into ‘e-learning’ dvd’s.

The e-learning package is derived directly from the operational review report, uses animation but includes real video footage and photos if available. The package is formatted in a way that allows fire-fighters and officers watching it to interact in a facilitated manner to take the lessons away. The e-learning package is used on the NZFS ‘tactical command course’ for officers, and is then distributed by memory stick to all fire stations (435) so they can be used as part of regular training. We will discuss this process showing how the NZFS addresses lessons learnt in a practical and tangible way for our personnel.