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Gender Inclusive Army: A Research-based Approach

November 17th 2020 – December 2020

The NZ Army is currently undertaking a “Gender Inclusive Army” project, which is intended to enable the organisation to achieve greater levels of gender equality and inclusivity. This conference provides an opportunity for Army’s leadership to communicate both the intent of the project, and showcase some key pieces of research that will inform its ongoing progress and success.

The conference also provides a forum for all members of the NZ Army to engage with current and relevant research related to gender and the military. Conference presentations will be released each week from 17 November to 8 December 2020 as a series of pre-recorded webinars. Topics covered include wellbeing and physical conditioning, experiences of soldiers and officers, the Female Engagement Team, and future research topics such as regendering of the Army. These topics are designed to provoke conversation and reflection on personal experiences, with themes relating to identity, motivation, physicality , performance, and personal development.



The views and opinions expressed in the presentations are those of the presenters and, unless otherwise stated, do not necessarily reflect the NZDF’s policy, view or position.